Saturday, January 23, 2016

A tribute to Tom Mitchell

The service (December 5, 2015) for Tom Mitchell was very nice and special as the priest, Father Bob Miller, is one of our winemaker customers.  He told of Tom coming up to him when he was up getting his Riesling this year.  Tom talked to him about Adam, our grandson, going into the air force and Tom asked him to pray for Adam.  Tom was hard on Adam, was hard on his help, Bob’s comment softened some edges.  Adam is very sensitive.  We have had a lot of comments about the service, it was so special. 

 When Bob was at the house for breakfast the day of the service, we were all full, but I asked him if he wanted a taste of black cap jam, and he did.  Told him about Tom picking berries, they are wild now, all around and in ditches, you can find them if you know where to look.  I made jam.  When the kids were little they would pick enough berries for about 20 pints of jam.  We also had dandelion (petal) jelly to taste, we did not pick nor make that!  It was a gift.  Very sweet.   We told stories and he presented a very nice and personal tribute of Tom as a man. 

It had been a gloomy, rainy week with gray skies and no rain on Friday, but on Saturday, December 5th, the day of the services, the skies were blue and the sun was high.  It was almost a tribute in itself. 
At the reception, folks brought a bottle of wine for a toast to tom and told more stories.  I managed to come up with 70 wine glasses.  There was a lot of wine, I need to have a wine tasting or something again.   Dan, Corlin’s husband, went up and said he was visiting with Tom in the gun room and Dan asked him what his greatest thrill was.  Dan figured it would be a pheasant hunt or a big buck, or a big fish, but it was his kids and his wife, his family.  That was special to Dan and to us.  So now Dan has that with Corlin, 3-year-old Colt and Autumn, who is 14 and an honor student. 
Diane, our son’s wife, told of going into the Hammondsport flower shop to get flowers for her wedding and was asked who she was marrying and she said Tom Mitchell.  She was meant with a silence and Diane spelled it for the woman.  She finally came to that it was TG and not Tom Mitchell.  That was Diane’s introduction to TG, as TG was known as Tom in school. 

Megan, our oldest daughter, had a young friend of our grandson, David, video the service and she, Megan, wandered around the reception with the camera and has created a DVD. 

TG’s boy scouts and parents manned the reception and food at the fire hall.  It was special to these scouts as we had a photo of Tom in a scout uniform and TG in his uniform as a child plus the entire troop.  I got up and thanked them, they had it all under control. 

Phyllis Bauer and Melissa Hartman manned the wine counter.  Phyllis is one of the Women for NY Wine and a widow of a grape grower.   Melissa and her husband, Ben, have a winery on the west side of Keuka Lake, Deep Root Vineyard.  They sell a lot of their wines at shows and travel to markets.  She told Ben that she was not going to Corning that day. 

The following week the Hammondsport assistant fire chief died at the age of 38, an aneurysm.  So the little town of Hammondsport has had its share this month.  TG’s K-3rd grade musical play was postponed for Tom and then again for the fire chief.  He will have it on December 23.  I went down last night to his junior-senior high concert.  Brian, his youngest son (13) played on the drums to a couple of the numbers.  It was very nice.  TG looked very tired.  I hope he can get some rest, but we are all waking up at dumb times. 

Megan and Corlin came down today, December 12, with small children for a cookie party at TG and Diane’s place in Bath and to see Santa in the park in Hammondsport.  TG came up to the farm and sat in Tom’s tree stand.  He was not ready for a party, but little children are.   

 We have appreciated everyone’s support and help to get us through this time. 
Take care and have a happy holiday.

 (Christmas seems like it was forever ago and just yesterday!  Marcy)

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