Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016  Our harvest without  Tom Mitchell, 


We have created maps for breaker boxes and have marked switches and boxes with magic markers.  With 3 phase power overhead, our trusted electrician we have had through the years, gave us a tour and answered questions and more magic marks have been made.  Our refrigeration man has patiently explained our switches and temperature adjustment procedures and replaced the compressor to the larger walk-in cooler!  Wouldn’t you know!


We have started picking and pressing.  Pressing procedures were found in the manual, you read German(?), but with illustrations and Tom’s previous work list, including blow by blow pressing instructions, Joe has that down pat. 


Leon Millot are being picked September 16.  Foch is next, we need to test the next group of varieties.  Son Tom has been coming up after school to take field test.  Next serious test need to be taken in the Muscot Ottonel, Gewürztraminer.  In order to have the spice and everything nice in these two varieties, they must pass a taste test, then the field test for pH, brix.  Life comes at you fast at this time of the year.


I had a ladder incident in late August and come home this weekend after a week in the hospital for iv antibiotic therapy.  Oral antibiotics for 10 days prior failed the task.  When people ask me how I am doing, I reply that I am hanging in there….


Megan and Corlin have shipped online supply orders.  Shipping may take an extra day.  Luci, who kept shop here for years is fishing for 2 weeks.  She is retired!  Hours at the shop will be extended soon, but you may still have to search for help.  My cell phone number is all around.  I can be hiding out back on the deck or in the cooler or bathroom!  I may be in the vineyard or in the house (downhill and across the road).  Walking will be good therapy. 


Thank you for your support and help.  May your wines fall bright!  Marcy


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