Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 April 16

Shadbush is in bloom all over the country side.  This bloom is a heads up to get in gear.  There is no turning back now.  

Bud swell is here and bud break time is around the corner.  Some of the early varieties first to push are Foch, Baco, Chardonnay, Concord and Niagara and the wild grape.   Generally the Vignoles is later or last with bud push.  Tying may be done in an order not related to bud swell but due to a more expensive Vinifera variety and the fear of missing the time to tie without any damage.  I always hated to see a bud go flying while tying.   

Bud break is defined where the tips of the first leaf are visible.  Watch closely from that point.  Pretty in pink comes shortly after.  My favorite for a pretty in pink (young leaves just emerging) is the concord. 

The first varieties to push are going to be the more tender to damage from freezing temperatures.   

Fall Bright, as a juice plant and supply shop located in the middle of the vineyard, is closed.  I still have a fair amount of winemaking supply inventory in stock FOR SALE at 40% OFF in a near-by rental on Hyatt Hill.  Please email me at winemaking@fallbright.com or shop online at my secure cart at www.fallbright.com.  The shopping cart will take your credit cards.  The shop is not going to relocate. 

The vineyard on Hyatt Hill was sold to Morten Hallgren’s of Ravines Winery in Deceber of 2016.  Changes are already taking place. 

I still have 10 acres of grapes up here at MY new location on Dutch St. 
Up for sale for the 2017 harvest are Vignoles, Aurore, Chancellor, Foch, Leon Millot, Chelois and very limited DeChaunac.  The Concord by the house at 5443 Dutch St could be sold as U-PICK. 

I am still moving into the house on Dutch St and will have a sale of some furniture and lots other items, which I will list in another blog or on face book.
May your wines Fall Bright! 
5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY 14837

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